The 2019 TAC-ITS Canada Joint Conference & Exhibition Showcase is an opportunity for exhibitors to feature a new and innovative product or service through a 15-minute live and/or interactive demonstration.

Visit the Showcase on Monday and Tuesday to hear from the companies below. 


Exhibition floor, Convention Hall, C5



For over 30 years, ENCOM Wireless has been delivering wireless data solutions to municipal and industrial customers across North America. Our innovative wireless solutions enable our customers to CONNECT EVERYTHING – empowering advanced applications while reducing costs. Founded in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Encom Wireless Data Solutions continues to lead the industry. Encom is excited to present the NEW side of our software, STRATOS. STRATOS I/O allows you to monitor and control your Broadband and Contact closure systems in real time. Customers can leverage their existing network with our Gateway Basic, allowing endless possible applications of ENCOM’s contact closure product line. Whether you have a Broadband, Fiber or 4G system, Encom has the solution to monitor and control your remote contact closures.

PEXCO | 11:15-11:30

The protocol for testing surface-mounted channelizer posts in the United States has evolved considerably over the past thirty years as innovations have led to superior levels of impact resistance. Pexco will present a brief history of significant developments in the manufacture of these high-performance channelizer posts/flexible bollards, the subsequent evolution of evaluation methods used by State road authorities, and the implementation of new standards in support of innovative applications on highways across the USA.

STINSON ITS | 11:30-11:45

Stinson ITS offers the Canadian market a wide variety of innovative ITS products.  In this showcase we will review a number of our favorites - Miovision’s AI based TrafficLink product for smart intersections, Tapco’s line of intelligent crosswalks and warning systems, Houston Radar’s cutting edge non-intrusive traffic count stations. 

In addition to product distribution we offer a wide range of services including design consultation, system integration, project management and long term maintenance and installation services.  We are big advocates of the “as a service” (aaS) model for ITS solutions, where turnkey solutions are provided along with long-term operation and maintenance services. 

A key component of a smart city is the need for open data, as such you’ll find almost every product we sell supports open data and third party integration.  We’d love to discuss these ideas with you further and hope to see you at the show!


LED Roadway Lighting is showcasing its radar sensor platform for streetlights. The Nova Scotia Community College will present results of testing this sensor for counting vehicle and pedestrian movements and speed.

As a distributed network in urban areas, radar on street lights represents an opportunity to collect data useful for roadway classification, determining required lighting levels, and assessing traffic volume and speed.

AGILEASSETS | 15:15-15:30

AgileAssets is the leading global provider of integrated infrastructure asset management software. Our technologies optimize the decision-making process, enabling clients to more effectively manage and maintain their transportation assets.

ADS CANADA | 15:30-15:45

ADS Canada: Your Total Solutions Provider. At ADS Canada, we develop state-of-the-art products and services that help solve storm water management and sanitary sewer challenges, while setting industry-wide standards for quality, durability and performance.




International Road Dynamics Inc. (IRD) is showcasing its Tire Anomaly and Classification System (TACS™). TACS is an advanced screening technology helping agencies identify vehicles with potentially dangerous tire anomalies before accidents occur. TACS measures the tire-to-road contact patch and identifies unsafe tires including flat, missing, and mismatched tires on dual tire assemblies. Tire anomalies and damaged tires create preventable costs such as poor fuel economy, and pavement damage.

Agencies in Oklahoma integrated TACS into their commercial vehicle e-screening systems, which signal trucks identified with tire problems to report for inspection. They verify the anomalies and verify tire problems, placing unsafe vehicle out of service. TACS helps agencies efficiently ensure road safety through an automated screening system. Agencies seeking to reduce the risk of catastrophic tire failures will benefit from adopting tire anomaly screening. The demonstration will include the TACS video and drone footage of the overall commercial vehicle e-screening system.

ESCRYPT | 10:15-10:30

Connected Vehicle technologies, such as V2X, are key enablers for the next generation of ITS applications. These applications depend on messages being accurate, authentic, and trustworthy. Join us for a walkthrough of ESCRYPT’s CycurV2X security suite, which includes an in-vehicle embedded security library, our implementation USDOT-defined Security Credential Management System (SCMS), and a variety of professional services to ensure your connected vehicle or infrastructure platform is secured.

BRISK SYNERGIES | 15:15-15:30

Join Brisk Synergies to learn how automated surrogate safety analysis can proactively examine road user behaviour to predict collision risk between pedestrians, cyclists and motor vehicles. 

The presentation will provide participants with an overview of the challenges cities and engineering firms have using traditional collision studies to evaluate safety of road users. Newer data collection and analysis technologies are now evolving which blend computer vision and surrogate safety analyses to perform cross-sectional or before-after studies on temporary traffic cameras and continuous real-time video conflict analysis on permanent traffic cameras.

Client case studies will be discussed to provide context on how both city transportation engineers and engineering firms are using this solution to gain effective and immediate insights to measure the safety performance of interventions and find the most dangerous locations in their city network.


Join Titan as we showcase the newest addition to our product line, Concrete Canvas®, a revolutionary new construction material used as an alternative to conventional concrete. Coined as ‘Concrete on a Roll’, Concrete Canvas® allows for concrete construction without the need for plant or mixing equipment—simply unroll and hydrate for quick and easy installation. Its low carbon technology also makes Concrete Canvas® an eco-friendly choice. See it in application in our large scale model, and learn more as we discuss the technical properties of this product with a focus on applications relevant to the transportation sector and project case studies.